The No Drama Obama's- Tony, Ken, Waren Haynes, Ty, Chuck and Big Daddy Dupree

I just arrived home (safely) and after a day spent getting caught up, I wanted to write this post while everything is still fresh. I was told me this was gonna change my life and I feel this already. To sum it all up, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp gave me something that you cannot put a price on. It connected me with my true self, with my spirit, and what fulfills my soul, who I am and what I need to do in this life to maintain balance!

To my wonderful wife Julie, I say thank you for allowing me to follow my dream and supporting me because there is so much more going on there than dollars and fantasies. It allows for everyone, campers, counselors, and headliners an opportunity to express the very best of who they are. To be human and vulnerable. And make friendships and connections that makes the world a better place.

I went to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp on a last minute whim that I could barely afford, to live my dream and jam with Warren Haynes. Also to put myself out there and see for real how I measure up to some real pros. The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive!!

What a week..

                                  The Highlight of the Week!

Our final night jamming in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Live on stage playing "Sweet Home Chicago" with John Popper on harmonica right next to me!!!! 11/12/2012

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The No Dama Obama's Rocking Out Live.....

MGM Grand Hotel- The Rouge Lounge -11/7/2012

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Another Autographed Guitar for the Collection!

I can add this autographed guitar to my collection. Just some of the stars that were at Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp. Many of them I had the privelidge to jam with Nov 7th- 12th 2012;

  • Waren Haynes- guitarist- Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule
  • Jack Bruce-bass player- Cream
  • John Popper- harmonica/vocals- The Blues Travelers
  • Jeff "Skunky" Baxter- The Doobie Brothers
  • Rudy Sarzo- bass player- Ozzy, Blue Oyser Cult, etc.
  • Alan White- drummer- Yes
  • Ty Dennis- drummer- The Doors
  • Gary Hoey- guitarist- Solo Artist
  • Johnny A. -guitarist- Solo Artist
  • Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis- harmonica, keyboard, vocal